Important Things to Know When Planning to Operate an ATM Business

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A lot of successful entrepreneurs today are operating small and big companies which include restaurants, convenience stores, gasoline stations, supermarkets, hotels, cinemas, and shopping centers. These are always filled with consumers that’s why they have always been a good spot for commerce and trading so no wonder why the owners have decided to put up cash dispensers here. I guess they made the right choice to invest their money in this business because they know that it would be profitable.

However, planning this type of business is not easy as it sounds like since you will need surely need capital and a supplier who would be responsible and trustworthy enough. You will not simply pay and get this Puloon Sirius 1 ATM machine to be installed because they must also set it up, connect to a network, and maintain security as well as efficiency of system or software. It’s not only that because the hardware must be monitored, too, to ensure that the cash box is safely stored and that this terminal won’t be a target for theft.

We are all aware that such crime may happen but when the right item was installed, with great safety features, and from a highly respectable supplier, then worry less because your business and customers are safe. This is why you have to plan well before proceeding with this type of investment and don’t only think about how much you’ll earn which most entrepreneurs prioritize. It would be best if you can think of it as useful stuff and a profit at the same time, so you better learn a few things as you carefully plan and take action.

Lease or Buy a Unit

Would you like to rent a unit or will buy this for a long-time use? I guess you will have to check your budget and see how you can deal with it. However, when leasing, it is usually per contract so you can decide later if you would like to renew or end it.

But again, if you know that there is a stable income or when it is even increasing, then you would surely want this terminal installed for a longer time. In this case, you should check the terms and conditions of the supplier to make sure that you will gain from it. Keep in mind that you may have to settle monthly payments when renting, while a one-time payment is required when purchasing the unit.

Therefore, you should consider well if it is better to lease or buy – read more from to help you decide. Just make sure that scheduled maintenance, as well as warranty, is included in the contract.

Upfront Costs

Aside from the cash dispenser budget, which is either a rental or purchased, you also need to deal with other expenses, and you need to know who will shoulder them. By the way, the cost per terminal will vary, depending on the manufacturer, brand, model, features, and technology incorporated on this. The cost for a brand new and high-tech model may cost up to 10,000 US dollars or more.

This can be used for years, and it would be a great choice to buy upfront when planning to operate long-term. Other expenses that may come across would be software updating and upgrading, which is supposed to be handled by the supplier. It would be a great deal if the installation and network setup are free when purchasing a new one.


Newer models are usually more expensive but more efficient, secured, and have more features or functions. Remember that this is for your business so it would be ideal to choose the latest in the market.

Your customers prefer a more reliable one, so that would give you an idea that older models are less used. This has to be flexible and upgradable, too, so that you’ll have more chances of attracting customers.

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There is usually a warranty for every machine that you will have and when this expires, you have to manage this on your own – you can find here more tips to maintain it. It means that you have to pay the service fee when you need technicians for maintenance and repair.

Do not forget to check on the contract regarding such services. Even when you are leasing, the supplier is still responsible for this unit and you should know what he will only manage, such as labor or part replacement.



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