How the Internet Changed the World of Business

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There is no doubt that the world of business has changed a lot in the last decade – advances in technology mean that things like this software for financial advisors has helped to revolutionise the business world.

The thing that has most changed the world of business in the last decade or so is definitely the internet. The internet has completely changed huge parts of our daily lives, both in work and leisure. It has completely changed how business is done – if you think back to twenty years ago, a business may open a shop, put some adverts in a local paper, or even on television or radio and get a lot of local business by doing this.

Fast forward to today and you can see how this has changed – a local shop now has the power to reach the whole world and sell its wares anywhere. Communication is easy, even on a global level so a business doesn’t even need a physical shop to be able to succeed.

Video Calls – Video calls such as Skype and Zoom have been a huge part of business in the last decade or so, but during 2020 they became a crucial part of business – as the whole world shut down due to the global pandemic, the rise of the video call played a hugely important part in the world of business.

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Social Media – Although social media is seen as a way for young people to communicate, it is now a really important tool that businesses can utilise. Social media allows businesses to reach the customers directly, and communicate with them – whether it is a new range of products, a new seasonal menu or even a competition or promotion, social media is something that businesses are paying a lot of attention to in recent years.

Online Shopping – The ability to purchase whatever you want from the comfort of your home has been hugely appealing to the public. No more trudging around the shops, it is easy to find what you want, compare prices and read reviews online, and without having to pay rental prices on the high street for a shop, many businesses have realised that this is also a good way to save money and price goods more competitively. Even before the pandemic, the number of people doing shopping online was increasing, but as the virus closed all the shops earlier this year, the online sales boomed.

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Reviews – Reviews have really become big online – Trip Advisor is one of the most relied on sources used by travel agents and customers when they are deciding where to go on holiday, and reviews on sites like this really matter. It is not only used for holiday resorts either – restaurants and even museums as well as places like theme parks and zoos can be reviewed, which has become a great way for people to get information on places before they go to make sure it is the right place for them.



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